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Surveys, Appointments, Lead generation, Sales, Customer experience management and Customer service are fundamental to every business. However, many global organizations struggle to achieve the efficiencies that would enable them to outmatch by increasing First Contact Resolution (FCR), personalized marketing strategies, targeted offers and products based on customer behavior & attributes.

At Starmark, we understand that customer service is not simply a byproduct of having customers. It is the cornerstone of retention, loyalty, and long-term revenue growth. Our customer service outsourcing solutions not only delivers higher efficiency and lower cost by applying our long heritage of Lean Six Sigma, but we also make your entire contact center operation more effective. This is in terms of FCR, higher productivity, upselling and cross selling, the use of analytics and social media to drive smarter customer interactions with increased customer satisfaction.

We have 10 years of cross-industry experience in business process services including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) based on the proven principles of Lean Six Sigma, combined with global contact center expertise (primarily operating from India & the Philippines). Using innovative contact center analytics and process design (re-engineering), we assist in solving customer care issues at their core. In addition, our automated solutions help to reduce incoming call volumes, reserving voice calls for high priority or complex services, delivering results that drive revenue and business impact.

Starmark also focuses on improved customer care effectiveness enabling global companies to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by providing highly skilled associates with the right industry experience from our delivery centers. With customized combinations of near-shore, onshore, and offshore solutions, we provide end-to-end customer experience management wherever you operate. Our extensive experience across multiple product and service lines places us at the forefront of customer service outsourcing. We deliver a multichannel customer management solution that includes web, chat, voice, email, fax support encompassing sales, service and marketing processes.

Our people are a significant part of our strength. We take an innovative approach to recruiting, hiring, and training our associates, employing creative techniques to attract and screen the best talent. Our stringent hiring practices and culture of teamwork ensure we have a passionate, dedicated and talented workforce with multilingual skills for all forms of client contact. Using innovative technology and high performance analytics, we enhance contact center operations end-to-end, leading to reduced costs, an enhanced customer experience, and improved customer retention levels. We have access to specialized software and technical solutions, which streamline contact center processes and provide agents with the requisite tools for accelerating problem resolution. Our focus is always on first-time call resolution and transaction accuracy. This mix of people, technology and operational excellence enables us to provide personalized customer contact center services while reducing costs and increasing revenue-generating opportunities.

Case Study:
A global finance company was experiencing problems that placed them in the lowest quartile of performance against their peers. To improve their customer experience and reduce operating expenses, they needed to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Starmark applied a Lean Six Sigma-structured approach, innovative analytics, and process re-engineering to accomplish this goal. We studied the key parameters affecting the client’s production capacity and standardized work types into four specific complexity levels. This resulted in a 45 percent increase in productivity in our client’s processes, enabling agents to spend more time with each customer. This, in turn, resulted in increased "Customer Satisfaction"!

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